Egypt – Culture and History

Hello there! This is probably the first time you’re hearing about me and my crazy stories, so I’ll be gentle. I’m a guy from São Paulo, Brazil and I have a dream: To travel and know as much countries as I can, as fast as I can, but comparing to so many people out there I’m not that fast, cause I’m already 26 and don’t have much stamps in my passport.

That’s why I created a new project and started it in 2021 (what a year to start a travel itinerary, right?). That’s the $BucketListProject and I’m super excited that I could start it in the very known start of our civilization: Egypt.

“There is a history in all men’s lives.”

William Shakespeare

But why Egypt? So many people go to Europe or the the U.S. but I started in the middle east?

The answer to that is the pandemic. I found a perfect timing to be visiting a country that would be completely different without the huge crowds taking pictures and creating huge queues to enter every historic site. Luckily that’s exactly what I found: empty Egypt. No queues, most of the temples completely silent, no trouble taking as much time as I want to see every single detail and explore some places that tourists don’t see.

Just when I stepped in Egypt I had a single heart test, guards told me to wait and took my passport + covid tests, so I had to wait with other 5 Indian citizens to do another PCR test ~with the worst cotton knob I’ve ever seen in my life~ and that took 4 hours.

After that I took my luggage, passed thru “security” and bought a new sim card for my phone, giving me internet and a new thing to understand: Egypt currency for used data on mobile carriers ~I’m not even gonna detail that, cause I still don’t understand, try google it~.

That’s when I stepped out of the airport and the hot air blowed up. Okay, now I’m sure that I’m not in South America anymore.

By now I just had a good time. Was taken to my hotel by the owner and he was really kind to show me everything until we arrived, left me to stay in the best room of his dependancies and I really appreciated the hospitality. It was not the best hotel I’ve ever seen, but it had this local vibe that made me dive into the culture. The staff was really friendly, we had coffee together, played dominos and a game called طاولة الزهر or backgammon, a game played by the Egyptians since the pharaohs.

The culture fascinated me.
From seeing the way that they treat family and their little ones to understanding their religion and manners.

The place that we grow up dictate most of how we see the world and to experience a little bit of how (in a cultural way) completely different people do that, makes us see with whole new eyes our problems, achievements and most important: our goals.

Image going to a temple nowadays , built in 1244 B.C. by one of the most ambitious and powerful pharaohs of the Ancient Egypt, Ramses II and seeing not only his monuments, temples, statues and colossus, but HIMSELF. more than 3 thousand years old. That’s crazy right?

That’s the mind blow that I felt when I visited the Museum of Egyptian Civilization and saw not only King Ramses, but also his father, wife and sons, all perfectly mummified and preserved. A total of 20 mummies are there perfectly displayed in one-way tunnels that imitate the valley of the kings tombs, together with their coffins and big golden plates that explain a little bit of what they did during their lives. Unfortunately, no one can take pictures of those sections, but I guess that’s part of the magic.

Museum of Egyptian Civilization

What else can I say? Just shut up and go! Egypt is a magnificent place to discover, to make really nice friends and to learn. And that’s what it meant to me.
A place where so much has happened, so much power passed thru the hands of its rulers and the country is still shaped by its history. The world is definitely not the same as the one that Seti I seen but the marks of the past are there and there’s no way of building the future without them.

That’s what Egypt was about to me. Future.

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