Egypt – There are bad things too

On my last post maybe you thought that I just highlighted the good things about Egypt and its culture and didn’t really show ~or maybe didn’t wanted really see~ the not so shiny things about the country, so I wanna talk about the problems that dived in when I was there. Maybe that’s a game changer for you, ‘cause there are things that some of us can’t negotiate when traveling and that’s perfectly fine. My way of travel isn’t the same for everyone, and it shouldn’t be.

Okay, so let’s go straight to the point: Egypt isn’t for everyone. If you want a place with real structure, luxury and no flaws, FORGET this place, ‘cause it’s definitely not that. It’s possible to find a service provider that tries to shield you from all the flaws but why would you visit a place to be completely blind about what’s really going on?

Just to be clear: I loved Egypt. People that got close to me were amazing, I felt really welcomed and they gave me whatever they could to help me to have a good time, but I also found people that tried really hard to scam me and take advantage of every single step that took.

When I booked my flight to Cairo I already knew that I’d need to use my neurons as much as I could to think fast and don’t loose money for nothing. What did I do to learn those scams? Watch YouTube vlogs in Egypt of course. And I recommend you to do it too if you plan to go on a trip there… this way you can kinda predict what can happen and protect yourself. So people: I had to be really careful about favors and polite people, ‘cause they could be just doing things to take money from me.

Next thing was food. There’s thousands of options and a lot of ocidental ones, but we all agree that if you are traveling you wanna try new things, right?

I had a lot of shawarmas, some pizzas and KFC sandwiches, but also tried camel liver, typical breakfasts, sweet treats and some exotic dishes, like a stuffed pidgeon.

I had to be brave and just “eat with my eyes closed” to how it’s being made. People make most of the food on the streets or small restaurants, the most of the street food doesn’t really care for hygiene and presentation, so be careful.

These risks, different foods, new ways of thinking and people are the things that make the journey special! Just be prepared to try and find the things that gets mostly excited. the rest is part of the game.

The first picture of the post was made already in Dubai, but because of Egypt. I got some kind of food poisoning there and thank god just got worse when I arrived in Dubai, ‘cause I believe that if that happened in Egypt, I’d be screwed. I can’t even imagine depending on a hospital there and I really feel bad for people, cause it seems like there’s really no structure.

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